Our family has been reading God’s World News for almost three years. Our family has experienced all three of their magazines (God’s Big WORLD, WORLDkids and WORLDteen). We love this magazine because it brings contemporary world news and issues from a positive and biblical perspective while stimulating thought. Our kids are engaging with their world and starting up some good conversations because of it.
We have used God’s World News for many years with our children. They look forward to every issue and read them over and over. Having our children be able to engage in conversations that are informed and current is important to us. The biblical worldview is priceless.
My 10-year-old son had been craving more knowledge of current events. He would see me reading articles on the internet and asked if he could read kid-friendly news that I found. Instead of filtering articles myself, I ordered WORLDteen and it’s been a perfect fit. WORLDteen covers real-world news topics that are timely and interesting to kids. I’m comforted knowing that the delivery of the information aligns with my family’s worldview.
My children get so excited when the magazine comes in the mail. They begin reading it as soon as it arrives, and they always read the entire issue. It’s great for me because I don’t feel the need to screen the content before giving it to them. It has very interesting articles and activities and always points to Jesus.
Our family has appreciated the news we read in the GWN magazines over the years. We are most blessed by the godly worldview in every article. We praise God for your efforts and perseverance in this noble endeavor. Thank you!
The Menefees
God's World News 40 years magazine montage


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