As young teens begin to form opinions about the world around them, WORLDteen is there to broaden their knowledge beyond purely current event coverage, extending into opportunities for critical thinking and growing their discernment muscles early and often.

WORLDteen stories aren’t selected for how appealing they are; rather, our editors look for news  that elicits the reader’s response, encouraging them to question what’s in front of them as well as apply biblical knowledge wherever possible.

Eight topic areas are included in every issue, with each containing four unique stories and access to online photo slideshows. The online News Bytes section provides a fresh news story every weekday. Each online story includes a safe discussion area for readers to share comments. To aid your teaching, a teaching guide with quizzes and a selection of printable worksheets is available for each issue.

WORLDteen Topics

You can find the following topics in every issue of the magazine and within the online content.

  • Explain-IT! helps readers understand the hows and whys of inventions, ideas, processes, and systems, empowering them to shape thoughts from an informed perspective.

  • News Bytes covers a broad range of subjects that engage young teens with short, timely news headlines. Updated daily online, they show how news occurs constantly.

  • Globe Trek puts geography in its proper place by making connections with the people who live there, covering everything from map reading to climatology to indigenous cultures and beliefs.

  • People Mover explores the motivations and intentions behind the actions of individuals. Young teens will be both inspired and challenged by how choices impact society.

  • ka-Ching! teaches relevant economic principles and helps young teens consider how entrepreneurship, innovation, stewardship, and generosity relate to the world of finance.

  • Pie in the Sky displays how God uses people in extraordinary, creative ways, highlighting the aspirations of those who dream big.

  • Law ‘n Order breaks down the effects of laws, governments, and politics. Young teens will grasp that freedom is inextricably tied to responsibility, biblical wisdom, and the common good.

  • Pop! SMART asks readers to evaluate popular culture and current trends in light of their potential for lasting contribution, developing their capacity for wisdom and discernment.

  • Mud Room examines the natural world in real-life contexts that reveal God’s wonderfully designed creation.

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