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The GameStop Short

Amateur stock market investors banded together to outwit the pros by manipulating plans to short sell several companies’ stocks. What is short selling, and how did the novices change the results on Wall Street unexpectedly?

Invest Responsibly

If you know the risks and guard your heart against greed, then you might consider stock market investing. God works through commerce and economies, and supporting business growth can be a part of that work if done with good stewardship principles.

Fishing for Sales

After Brexit rules began to kick in, British fisherman sought to rename fish to lure more locals into buying their seafood. Will more appetizing-sounding names help these seafarers to net more profits?

The Great Wage Debate

While governments debate raising the minimum wage, employers too consider the issue. Whose responsibility is it to ensure that workers receive a fair rate of pay? What factors must be considered in gauging the amount a job is worth?

A Note from the Editor’s Desk

Using relatable examples of news events, ka-Ching! explores important economic principles in ways that make sense to young minds. Young teens will consider how work, entrepreneurship, innovation, stewardship, generosity, regulation, and more affect financial freedom, responsibility, and production of wealth—both individually and globally. Read all four stories, scroll through the additional pictures in the accompanying slideshows, and take the quiz. You’ll find it all online at

Show what you know. After reading all four ka-Ching! stories and taking the quiz online, choose your favorite story and try to generate your own editorial cartoon with the “Cartoon Creator” worksheet.

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