Kids need to learn about current events in a way that’s safe and thoughtfully crafted. They need to receive the necessary background information to fully understand their world in light of God’s truth.

WORLDkids connects what’s going on in the world to relatable aspects of their environment, while incorporating biblical wisdom and knowledge for a fuller, deeper understanding.

Our newly enhanced teaching guides allow you to check for reading comprehension every step of the way. Chock full of quizzes, topic exploration, vocabulary opportunities, and printable worksheets, you can use WORLDkids both as a vehicle for in-depth learning and a crucial piece of your current-events curriculum. The teaching guides also seamlessly link to our expanded online content for a well-rounded comprehension of the subject matter.

WORLDkids Categories

WORLDkids presents its print and digital content in these descriptive categories to help children explore the news.

  • Citizen Ship shows readers that countries, governments, and laws are formed by the ideas and actions of ordinary people just like them.

  • Science Soup highlights the natural world in a way that facilitates both a passion for science and the Creator of all things.

  • Critter File helps kids discover the vast range of the animal kingdom using captivating images and stories.

  • Take Apart SMART! dissects big ideas until they’re understandable, covering everything from how a machine works to an in-depth look at an athlete’s nutrition regimen.

  • Jet Balloon takes kids on a journey to discovering people, climates, industries, languages, and religions, leading them to learn that God loves people from all nations.

  • Time Machine uses current events to explain history, as well as history to explain current events, establishing a vital connection between past, present, AND future.

  • News Shorts presents a fresh news story every weekday that’s both age-appropriate and edifying.

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