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The Good News

Published September 18, 1992It’s God’s World

Hurricane Andrew was the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history. It left 180,000 people homeless.

But its results are not all bad. God’s grace has touched the lives of thousands of people.

Christians were among the first to hand out food and water to victims. About 200 churches from all over Southern Florida formed “God’s Hurricane Brigade.”

“The problems are so overwhelming,” said one United Methodist minister. “You’re tempted to cry.” The people in his small congregation used their church building as a supply warehouse. In no time, they were helping about 500 people a day.

Larger churches were caring for 5,000 each day. Southern Baptists alone served 80,000 meals during the first seven days.

Christians from all over the country sent more than enough food and supplies. Last week, pastors were asking people to stop the flow. And they were asking volunteer workers not to come to Florida right away.

“Tell people to wait until late fall or winter,” said one Presbyterian pastor. “That’s when we’ll really need some work crews to come help.”

Christian love was also poured out in new ways among Christians. For example, a Baptist work crew from Tampa showed up to rebuild the roof of a Presbyterian church near Homestead. 

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