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Nicole A.

“I purchased subscriptions for each of my four kids. They love having their own copy of the magazine to read. As a group we go through the Daily Shorts email content a couple of times a week. The kids are always asking to do just one more. I love this product because I feel like my kids are being exposed to current events that are worthy of us spending our time learning about and a Bible reference is often included. I plan on continuing to use the magazines and emails as part of our homeschooling.”

Andrea B.

“We have used God’s World News for many years with our children. They look forward to every issue and read them over and over. Having our children be able to engage in conversations that are informed and current is important to us. The biblical worldview is priceless.” 

Lynn M.

“My 10 year old son had been craving more knowledge of current events. He would see me reading articles on the internet and asked if he could read kid-friendly news that I found. Instead of filtering articles myself, I ordered WORLDteen and it’s been a perfect fit. WORLDteen covers real world news topics that are timely and interesting to kids. I’m comforted knowing that the delivery of the information aligns with my family’s worldview.” 


“My children get so excited when the magazine comes in the mail. They begin reading it as soon as it arrives, and they always read the entire issue. It’s great for me because I don’t feel the need to screen the content before giving it to them. It has very interesting articles and activities and always points to Jesus.”