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40 Years of Telling the Truth

God’s WORLD News 1981-2021 40 Years of Telling the Truth In 1981, The Presbyterian Journal—founded as The Southern Presbyterian Journal by L. Nelson Bell in

After Challenger

Published in It’s God’s World, February 13, 1986 The head of NASA last week gave a possible reason for the explosion of space shuttle Challenger. The

No More Wall

Published on March 22, 1990 in God’s Big WORLD The Berlin Wall is being torn down. The people are glad.The wall once kept people in.

The Good News

Published September 18, 1992It’s God’s World Hurricane Andrew was the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history. It left 180,000 people homeless. But its results

The Clone

Published March 14, 1997, God’s World Today Edinburgh, Scotland—Dolly is doing just fine. But lots of people are worried, just the same. They aren’t worried

Focus on Y2K: What If?

Published October 23, 1998,God’s World News SENIOR EDITION Lubbock, Texas, has become the first city to practice for the coming emergency. Trouble is, no one

Living on the Edge (of Space)

Published March 2000, More about God’s World Supplement to God’s World News Upper Edition and Senior Edition The most ambitious (and expensive) bit of space

Punched Out

Published March 16, 2001, Top Story Miami, Florida—Former Vice President Al Gore finally got his wish. But not really. After the November election, Mr. Gore

One year ago terrorists attacked

Published September 10, 2002, in 2002 in Early Edition One year ago terrorists attacked. The two World Trade Center towers fell down. The mess in

Light and Shadow

Published October 9, 2001, Top Story Washington, D.C.—“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the

A Slim Salvation

Published November 18, 2003, Top Story Clearwater, Florida—Some people say Terri Schiavo has no life worth living. Some say whatever life is left should be

Justice for Hussein

Published January 13, 2004, News Current For months, the two big questions in Iraq were: One, where are the weapons of mass destruction? Two, where

Recession Looming

Published February  2008, Top Story Washington, D.C.—Many experts think that the United States is about to enter a recession. A recession occurs when the whole

Spoiled Jewel

Published March 2010, Top Story Port-au-Prince, Haiti—The Haiti earthquake was devastating—but not just because of its level-7 magnitude. Other earthquakes have been far stronger. The

On the Ground in Japan

Published April 2011, News Current News about last month’s earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan grows and changes daily. With the added concerns of nuclear radiation, it

Syria’s Unrest Becomes Civil War

Published on January 2012, Top Story Geneva, Switzerland—In January 2011, a revolt began against Syria’s President Bashar Assad and his regime. Protesters demanded that President

Nelson Mandela: 1918 – 2013

Published January 2014, News Current South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, died on December 5. He was 95 years old. He had been battling

World Suits Up for Pandemic

Published in WORLDkids Some doctors and nurses will look like they’re headed for the outfield, not the hospital. They will be suited up in baseball

George Floyd Protests

Published June 2, 2020, WORLDteen posted here I can’t breathe. Those haunting words are reverberating across the nation. They refer to the death of a man

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