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Coming to Terms with Politics

The political process can feel like a raging storm, swirling around us. How do we make sense of the various platforms and perspectives? Here’s a tool to help us “come to terms” with politics.

Godly Practices in Leading and Following

Every so often, we will consolidate past entries from our GWN Parent and Teacher Newsletter to share here. The following were originally published in early October, 2022.

Our Children's Crusade

Culture War: Our Children’s Crusade

The culture wars have become our children’s crusade. But how do you know when you’ve traded biblical engagement for culture war? It starts with self-examination.

God's World News Through Time

Focus on Y2K: What If?

Published October 23, 1998,God’s World News SENIOR EDITION Lubbock, Texas, has become the first city to practice for the coming emergency. Trouble is, no one

Living on the Edge (of Space)

Published March 2000, More about God’s World Supplement to God’s World News Upper Edition and Senior Edition The most ambitious (and expensive) bit of space

Punched Out

Published March 16, 2001, Top Story Miami, Florida—Former Vice President Al Gore finally got his wish. But not really. After the November election, Mr. Gore

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WORLDteen Sample Newsletter

The GameStop Short Amateur stock market investors banded together to outwit the pros by manipulating plans to short sell several companies’ stocks. What is short

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