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A Dialogue on Culture-Making

A Dialogue on Culture-Making

We wrap up our series on culture war and culture-making with a recorded dialogue about what it means to engage with culture and build God’s kingdom.

A Generative Stance Towards Economics

The Father is concerned with the material things of His creation and human relationship to those “earthly” things. How do we act as godly agents in this area?

Discipling Our Kids About Having Kids

Is there anything more lovely or compelling than the tender care displayed by a person of strength bent in service towards another person broken, fragile, or weak? When we engage our children tenderly, we name them as “very good” and demonstrate for them that child rearing is a worthy enterprise and calling. Our attitudes and our actions speak louder than our words.

God's World News Through Time

No More Wall

Published on March 22, 1990 in God’s Big WORLD The Berlin Wall is being torn down. The people are glad.The wall once kept people in.

The Good News

Published September 18, 1992It’s God’s World Hurricane Andrew was the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history. It left 180,000 people homeless. But its results

The Clone

Published March 14, 1997, God’s World Today Edinburgh, Scotland—Dolly is doing just fine. But lots of people are worried, just the same. They aren’t worried

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The GameStop Short Amateur stock market investors banded together to outwit the pros by manipulating plans to short sell several companies’ stocks. What is short

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