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Blessed are the Culture-makers

I would guess the phrase “culture war” has at least some significance for you. Hopefully, you trust me enough at this point not to click hurriedly away for some more pleasant topic. I assure you my desire is not to flood your tank with further argument. Rather, I want to acknowledge the 30-year-old theme and pursue a voice of wisdom and reason.

The Importance of Bad News

The Importance of Bad News

We want the heroes to win and the villains to lose. But what about when they don’t? Should we protect our kids from unjust endings at all costs–or does bad news serve an unseen purpose?

Who and Whose

Who and Whose

According to this year’s State of Theology report, American Christians struggle with the question of identity more than ever before. How do you talk to your children about identity?

God's World News Through Time

40 Years of Telling the Truth

God’s WORLD News 1981-2021 40 Years of Telling the Truth In 1981, The Presbyterian Journal—founded as The Southern Presbyterian Journal by L. Nelson Bell in

After Challenger

Published in It’s God’s World, February 13, 1986 The head of NASA last week gave a possible reason for the explosion of space shuttle Challenger. The

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The GameStop Short Amateur stock market investors banded together to outwit the pros by manipulating plans to short sell several companies’ stocks. What is short

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