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Notes from the Editor: WORLDkids

I want to know about…

Did you ever wonder what a dugong is? Or how people came up with so many proverbial sayings? Do you think about how different cultures view animals and why we bond so well with our pets? What about where the Statue of Liberty came from or what makes GMO fish different from regular fish or how the church is growing in China?

Whether you’re building a theme unit, starting a research paper, expanding your global prayer list, or just fueling an interest a kid in your life has expressed, you’ll find a multitude of resources and ideas in our always-expanding Topic Explorer. This regularly updated document contains live links to scores of subjects that WORLDkids has reported on.

Topic Explorer is a great resource for kids who want to dig deeply into a subject that interests them—or to find new areas to EXPLORE! It’s a valuable tool for parents and teachers too, who seek subject ideas for projects and units—or who just want to set the stage for a lively dinnertime conversation.

Take a stroll through the Topic Explorer, and check back every now and then to find even more new content. It’s just a click away!

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