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Notes from the Editor: God’s Big WORLD

I want to know . . .

You have just received your first packet of God’s Big WORLD news for three-to-six-year-olds. Now how do you use it?

All eight sections are stapled together. Use a staple puller to separate the pages, or open the papers to the middle and carefully pull each section away from the staples. This probably isn’t a task for your young children! The paper could rip.

Now you will have individual sections (called Lessons)—one per week for eight weeks. Look through all eight to get a feel for the stories covered. While the lessons are numbered, you don’t have to use them in order. It might be helpful to place the issues into a loose leaf or other binder to help you keep track and your child to return to favorite stories over and over again.

Look at the photos. What story do they tell? Have your child read the large print headline sentence. Then look at the story section. You’ll have to read the story to your non-readers. More confident readers should be able to do it with a little help.

Your child may have questions about the story. The READ MORE section will answer some of them. Often children are able to read this part on their own, if not at the beginning of the school year, by year’s end. The back page of each lesson has a fun, original activity that your child may complete alone or with help.

However you choose to use GBW, enjoy it! Small ones will love to share with the whole family what they learn from “their” newspapers. We hope you and your child will grasp more fully what hymnwriter Maltbie D. Babcock wrote, “This is my Father’s world . . . His hand the wonders wrought.”

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