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It is my great pleasure to welcome Jonathan Boes as a contributor to the blog. Jonathan arrived on the scene full-time last month, strengthening the God’s WORLD News team with his myriad talents. Along with his multi-media prowess, Jonathan brings excellent writing skills and deep, gospel-rich thoughts. He deftly applies his gifts towards helping shaping News Coach content. Read his bio below and watch for more from him in this space! — Kelsey 
Jonathan Boes

Jonathan Boes makes things. He was homeschooled but turned out mostly normal. As a boy, he made movies with his friends, using LEGOs to create stop-motion animations starring his pet dog as the giant monster who attacks the city. Today, he does pretty much the same thing but with fewer dogs and LEGOs.

With a background in literature, Jonathan enjoys exploring stories and culture to find the places where the gospel fills the needs of the world. It’s his great desire to help people find God’s goodness, beauty, and truth in creation. He is a graduate of World Journalism Institute, husband of fellow GWN writer Chelsea Boes, the dad of two girls, and the reluctant owner of one dog named David.

At GWN, Jonathan produces video and podcast content to help parents and kids engage with culture. He also writes for WORLDkids and WORLDteen.

Jonathan enjoys reading good books, writing songs and stories, playing guitar, collecting comic books, and talking about Star Wars to anyone who will listen. He also still likes LEGOs.

Kelsey Reed

Kelsey Reed

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