Introducing Kelsey Reed, Your God’s WORLD News “News Coach”

Kelsey and her husband Chip and their three daughters live in Western North Carolina.
There, they revel in the beauty of creation, creature, and culture, and the One who is Lord over it all.

You asked. We listened.

We at God’s WORLD News are delighted to introduce to you our new News Coach.

Kelsey Reed brings to our news family her combined experiences as parent, teacher, wife, writer, apologist, public speaker, seminarian, world traveler, and, most importantly, follower of Christ.

Discipleship is a lifelong journey for all believers, beginning for many in early childhood. God created people to operate in a world full of life and activity, and news literacy—a well-rounded awareness of world events and trends—is critical to developing and applying a growing faith as followers of Jesus.

God’s WORLD News helps young learners to live out the gospel in all areas of life as they become better equipped to engage with, pray for, and serve others with confidence and hope. With that end in mind, Kelsey as our News Coach comes alongside parents, teachers, grandparents, mentors, and ministry workers who are called to engage with children, kids, and teens. She will be communicating foundational principles for opening a dialogue with young people about the spiritually and culturally challenging situations presented in the news today. She will help equip other adults with trustworthy factual content and context, sound biblical perspective and application, and ice-breaking and space-creating tips to engage young believers in God-honoring discussion of the news and God’s hand at work in it.

In this social media and information age, the volume of voices, perspectives, and sources—reliable and otherwise—can feel like a hopelessly overwhelming firehose of content. Parents and teachers expressed to us a need for a calming, relatable voice to help sort the many options and normalize talking directly with the young people in their care about challenging content.

In her study at Covenant Theological Seminary, Kelsey developed an “affirm and challenge” methodology which she is eager to share. This method asks, “Where do we see the Father’s hand, elements of truth, a reflection of His Story in the story being told (or ‘what can we affirm’)? Where does the story we are observing depart from or oppose the redemptive narrative (‘what can we challenge’), and how can we shape culture for God’s glory, speaking into it with truth in love?”

Kelsey says, “This foundation empowers the believer to engage the world with confidence: It is our Father’s world.” Watch this space for more from News Coach Kelsey Reed in the weeks to come!

—Rebecca Cochrane, Managing Editor, God’s WORLD News

Rebecca Cochrane

Rebecca Cochrane

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