God has given children a profound sense of wonder about the world and how it works. They discover the complexities of language at a rapid rate, picking up on environmental cues as they go, which is an important step in learning to read. They’re also beginning to use larger number sets and get a grasp of that tricky concept known as time. They’re ready to expand their fund of knowledge, and God’s Big WORLD helps early readers do exactly that through helping them build their personal library of facts and concepts.

Whether our stories are about people, animals, science, places, inventions, or something else entirely, learning with God’s Big WORLD is never boring. Watch their horizons expand as they begin to grasp the presence of cultures, places, climates, and terrains that differ from their own.

Plus, every story includes a Bible verse reference to read and think about with your child. It is, after all, God’s Big WORLD, and He has a purpose for all of it.

What’s in the Magazine

Each magazine, arriving every other month, contains eight pull-apart lessons. Every lesson has three stories and one skill-building activity. Used weekly, God’s Big WORLD helps you bring structure and order to your students’ discovery. The regularity reinforces the basic concept of the passage of time, which you are already teaching. Consider setting a certain day each week to sit down together, look at the pictures, read, and try the activity page.

What’s Available Online

You’ll find digital stories with a large image and short block of text in order to ignite interest without overwhelming young readers. The site is packed with videos, expanded and enhanced story content, and fun puzzles and activities designed for skill building, so your early learners can receive a comprehensive, robust education from the start.

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