Blessed are the Culture-makers

I would guess the phrase “culture war” has at least some significance for you. Hopefully, you trust me enough at this point not to click hurriedly away for some more pleasant topic. I assure you my desire is not to flood your tank with further argument. Rather, I want to acknowledge the 30-year-old theme and pursue a voice of wisdom and reason.

The Importance of Bad News

The Importance of Bad News

We want the heroes to win and the villains to lose. But what about when they don’t? Should we protect our kids from unjust endings at all costs–or does bad news serve an unseen purpose?

Who and Whose

Who and Whose

According to this year’s State of Theology report, American Christians struggle with the question of identity more than ever before. How do you talk to your children about identity?

Conversations in Cars with Kids

Conversations with Kids in Cars

Car rides with kids can make the perfect space for good questions. Listen to this audio clip from The World and Everything In It.

Meet our Multimedia Editor

Jonathan Boes

It is my great pleasure to welcome Jonathan Boes as a contributor to the blog. Jonathan arrived on the scene full-time last month, strengthening the God’s WORLD News team with his myriad talents. Along with his multi-media prowess, Jonathan brings excellent writing skills and deep, gospel-rich thoughts. He deftly applies his gifts towards helping shaping News Coach […]

Blessing the World with our Kids Every so often, we will consolidate past entries from our GWN Parent and Teacher Newsletter to share here. If you have been following the blog, you will notice below some familiar thoughts—an essay out of which a later blog post blossomed. The two essays posted here hang together in my mind. They address what […]

On Maturity

Photograph courtesy Netflix My husband and I and our teen daughters have been fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things since its debut. Season Four’s release initiated our methodical rewatching of the entire show to date (this accounts for two posts in a row related to the show). The ’80s-themed series grabs us Gen X parents, touching on […]

A Tool for Engaging Media

One of my all-time favorite tools was originally developed by InterVarsity as a method for Inductive Bible Study. Denis Haack (formerly of Ransom Fellowship and visiting instructor at Covenant Theological Seminary during my student days) improved upon the method, renaming it “S.O.A.R.” (Survey, Observe, Analyze, Respond) a critical thinking tool which may be easily tuned towards engagement […]

Discipleship and the Strength of Three

Spectators watch a match during Wimbledon tennis championships in London, Wednesday, 8/6/22. (AP/Gerald Herbert)   Have you ever watched a tennis match in person? I can’t help but envision cartoons I watched as a kid: characters’ heads turning dizzyingly to follow an extended volley. It immediately makes me sea-sick. Maybe it’s because of the association […]

Tenderly Tackling Transgenderism, too

Cover Image, Our Daughters and the Transgender Craze: Responding With Grace and Truth – companion booklet to: Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture A “parenthesis” to my earlier post this month, I offer here a brief review of the discipleship materials mentioned above. In an effort to continue to point to […]