Transformative Learning

Know, Be, Do: You may have noticed that the News Coach column and blog bounce between theoretical, devotional, and practical matters. Today, I want to explain the intention behind these different modes and draw the connection between what we believe and how we act. When thinking about the teaching and learning process––­a.k.a. discipleship––we must remember […]

Discipling Children Regarding War

I have war on my mind these days, as I’m sure do most of you. The images of war: gutted buildings, fiercely solemn men, weeping women, haunted children—they pierce us to the heart. Even more piercing is this realization: the historical record proves that wartime is the norm for us – not times of peace.  […]

A Stance for Receiving Social Media

I had the experience of serving as a part-time instructor and tutor at the University of South Carolina in Sumter for three years. My greatest joy in that season, besides coming alongside college students in their academic process, was collaboration with colleagues further along in their teaching careers. One faculty member I served shared a […]

Laying the Foundation for Safe and Open Dialogue with Children

This meditation begins our “News Coach” series. News Coach Kelsey Reed explores biblical provision and best practices for engaging children and students, equipping them to discerningly engage the world in which we live. You Are Enough As an educator and a mom of three children ranging from six to 17 years old, I am constantly […]

Introducing Kelsey Reed, Your God’s WORLD News “News Coach”

Kelsey and her husband Chip and their three daughters live in Western North Carolina. There, they revel in the beauty of creation, creature, and culture, and the One who is Lord over it all. You asked. We listened. We at God’s WORLD News are delighted to introduce to you our new News Coach. Kelsey Reed […]