One year ago terrorists attacked

Published September 10, 2002, in 2002 in Early Edition One year ago terrorists attacked. The two World Trade Center towers fell down. The mess in New York City is gone now. There is only a big hole. It is seven stories deep. New buildings will be put up. But New York will also make a […]

Punched Out

Published March 16, 2001, Top Story Miami, Florida—Former Vice President Al Gore finally got his wish. But not really. After the November election, Mr. Gore demanded recounts in Florida. He insisted he had been cheated. At the center of the controversy were the hand-punched ballot cards used in four Florida counties. Ballots that were not […]

Living on the Edge (of Space)

Published March 2000, More about God’s World Supplement to God’s World News Upper Edition and Senior Edition The most ambitious (and expensive) bit of space engineering in history is under construction right now high above our heads. Over 200 miles above the earth’s surface, the first components of the International Space Station (ISS) circle the […]

Focus on Y2K: What If?

Published October 23, 1998,God’s World News SENIOR EDITION Lubbock, Texas, has become the first city to practice for the coming emergency. Trouble is, no one knows what the emergency will be. Lubbock’s practice was focused on the possible attack of the millennium bug.             “This is one disaster that we know exactly when it could […]

The Clone

Published March 14, 1997, God’s World Today Edinburgh, Scotland—Dolly is doing just fine. But lots of people are worried, just the same. They aren’t worried about Dolly. They are worried about the future. Dolly is a sheep born last July near Edinburgh. Now we know she was not born in the “ewe”sual way. She was […]

The Good News

Published September 18, 1992It’s God’s World Hurricane Andrew was the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history. It left 180,000 people homeless. But its results are not all bad. God’s grace has touched the lives of thousands of people. Christians were among the first to hand out food and water to victims. About 200 churches […]

No More Wall

Published on March 22, 1990 in God’s Big WORLD The Berlin Wall is being torn down. The people are glad.The wall once kept people in. Now they can be free. Teacher Tip: Communist East Germany built the Berlin Wall in 1961. Too many East Germans were escaping to freedom. Naow East Germany is tearing the […]

After Challenger

Published in It’s God’s World, February 13, 1986 The head of NASA last week gave a possible reason for the explosion of space shuttle Challenger. The right-side booster rocket apparently sprang a leak. “We’re going to release the factual information as soon as we can,” said NASA chief William Graham, “when we’ve pulled it all together […]

40 Years of Telling the Truth

God’s WORLD News 1981-2021 40 Years of Telling the Truth In 1981, The Presbyterian Journal—founded as The Southern Presbyterian Journal by L. Nelson Bell in 1942 and renamed in 1959—took a new direction. The publication had historically covered news related to church doctrine and government, mission work, and other issues directly affecting conservative Presbyterianism. Over […]