More on the Mental Health Crisis in Teens

Exposing more of what we have learned regarding mental health and teens, pointing to trustworthy resources and voices to inform your thinking, feeling, and actions in response to this crisis.

Redemptive Narrative

Redemptive Narrative

What is the Redemptive Narrative, and how does it inform the way we look at other stories?

Use Your Words

Words have power to influence, to color our perception, to reveal what we think, feel, or believe. How do we decide on the words we speak or write? What drives us to chose certain words over others? How should we use our words to the glory of God?

This essay originally appeared in GWN Parent/Teacher Newsletters in May of 2022.

The Importance of Remembrance in Four Parts

Every so often, we will consolidate past entries from our GWN Parent and Teacher Newsletter to share here. The following were published through the month of November, 2022.

First Principles of Finance and Discipleship

I dialog with David Bahnsen’s response to a listener question: his no. 1 principles. How we think and feel about God’s purposes for us in work and rest come out in our actions. How do we grow in this area as we engage in our no. 1 discipleship practice: modeling attitude and action for our kids and students.