Tenderly Tackling Transgenderism, too

Cover Image, Our Daughters and the Transgender Craze: Responding With Grace and Truth – companion booklet to: Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture A “parenthesis” to my earlier post this month, I offer here a brief review of the discipleship materials mentioned above. In an effort to continue to point to […]

Tenderly Tackling Transgenderism

   During one of my recent workshops, a parent asked: “How do we disciple our children about the current transgender movement?” Even though I knew it was coming, I had to take a deep breath…which reminded me to pray.   It was not the first time the topic had come up; I doubt it will […]

Discerning the (Meta)Narrative

Thanks to the influence of my parents, I have delighted in cross-cultural study from a young age. I love literature, music, art, film, architecture, dance—food!—the sensory narrative stimulates and inspires. But sifting through the cultural data to understand foundational principles of a worldview can be a huge challenge. Why are certain food or clothing laws […]

Transformative Learning

Know, Be, Do: You may have noticed that the News Coach column and blog bounce between theoretical, devotional, and practical matters. Today, I want to explain the intention behind these different modes and draw the connection between what we believe and how we act. When thinking about the teaching and learning process––­a.k.a. discipleship––we must remember […]