First Principles of Finance and Discipleship

I dialog with David Bahnsen’s response to a listener question: his no. 1 principles. How we think and feel about God’s purposes for us in work and rest come out in our actions. How do we grow in this area as we engage in our no. 1 discipleship practice: modeling attitude and action for our kids and students.

Post-Election Ponderings from 1 Peter

Inspired by current events and a study on the life and writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, this post might best be described as a devotional. So: grab your copy of scripture, a journal perhaps, and let’s take a look at timely and timeless provision in His word.

A Dialogue on Culture-Making

A Dialogue on Culture-Making

We wrap up our series on culture war and culture-making with a recorded dialogue about what it means to engage with culture and build God’s kingdom.

A Generative Stance Towards Economics

The Father is concerned with the material things of His creation and human relationship to those “earthly” things. How do we act as godly agents in this area?

Discipling Our Kids About Having Kids

Is there anything more lovely or compelling than the tender care displayed by a person of strength bent in service towards another person broken, fragile, or weak? When we engage our children tenderly, we name them as “very good” and demonstrate for them that child rearing is a worthy enterprise and calling. Our attitudes and our actions speak louder than our words.

Coming to Terms with Politics

The political process can feel like a raging storm, swirling around us. How do we make sense of the various platforms and perspectives? Here’s a tool to help us “come to terms” with politics.

Godly Practices in Leading and Following

Every so often, we will consolidate past entries from our GWN Parent and Teacher Newsletter to share here. The following were originally published in early October, 2022.

Blessed are the Culture Makers

Culture war rhetoric has whipped many into emotional frenzy—even to the point of religious fanaticism and zeal. Though a “fight or flight” reaction seems appropriate, it’s not the most helpful or healthful place to start. Both our hearts and our heads need to submit to something greater.

Who and Whose

Who and Whose

According to this year’s State of Theology report, American Christians struggle with the question of identity more than ever before. How do you talk to your children about identity?