Fostering your child’s love for learning and fueling their faith with print and digital products that are engaging, enlightening, and safe!

God’s Big WORLD, WORLDkids, and WORLDteen will foster your child’s love for learning and fuel their faith. With highly-relatable magazines, dynamic websites, and interactive mobile apps, they can safely explore, learn, and grow by experiencing age appropriate content they’ll be drawn to on the devices they enjoy. Act now to secure your membership today—arming your children with big ideas, enlightening stories, and engaging discoveries that will captivate their imagination and point them to the kind of life God intends.

Gods’s Big WORLD It’s a big world out there! And we want your children to uncover it, dissect it and explore it in more ways than one.Our little ones have all kinds of big learning tools these days, and our goal is to connect them with God in the ways they enjoy most – whether that be reading with you, on the family computer, or on your smartphone. Read More →

WORLDkids Finding effective tools that foster a love for learning among 7-10 year olds can be a tall order. Finding tools that are safe and reinforce your beliefs may seem nearly impossible.That’s why we’ve completely re-envisioned WORLDkids. With the new theme “let’s go exploring,” Worldkids will deliver fun and engaging materials—digitally and in print—that we believe will capture your child’s imagination. Your child will have fun learning, while the truth is reinforced in ways that encourage the pursuit of the kind of life God intends. Read More →

WORLDteen In our clouded cultural narrative, savvy voices consistently sow misleading seeds with our teens—powerfully suggesting how they should think and live. Our goal is simple: to engage them with the truth in a way that helps them pursue the kind of life God intends. In short, WORLDteen will provide your kids with reliable stories designed to strengthen their faith in a witty voice of clarity and wisdom they’ll find entertaining and useful. Read More →

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