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40 Years of Telling the Truth

God’s WORLD News
40 Years of Telling the Truth

In 1981, The Presbyterian Journal—founded as The Southern Presbyterian Journal by L. Nelson Bell in 1942 and renamed in 1959—took a new direction. The publication had historically covered news related to church doctrine and government, mission work, and other issues directly affecting conservative Presbyterianism.

Over the last four decades, God has blessed this Christian news media organization with purpose, growth, and impact.

However, faithful parents across several Christian denominations began voicing a need. These parents felt called to raise up their children to discern truth in world events and issues, to honor God in their lives and even in their opinions, and to learn and live to impact the world as disciples in Christ’s kingdom.

Making that calling more difficult was a news media slant that was growing more prominent in America. Mainstream news was following (or at times, even leading) a cultural drift toward a “post-Christian” culture. The days of reporting facts and leaving the reader or listener to form an opinion independently were coming to an end. Too often, the media slant was not in keeping with biblical truth. Was it possible to provide a news resource that sought to understand world events through a scriptural lens?

Under the guidance of a young publisher named Joel Belz, and with the keen editorial and teaching skills of editor Norm Bomer, the Journal launched a weekly newspaper for young people called It’s God’s World. The prototype issue debuted August 10, 1981. Covering not just church news but national and world news, It’s God’s World challenged kids to explore the events happening around the globe and to see God at work in His world, using His people for His kingdom purposes, opposing evil and dealing out mercy.

Forty years later, WORLD News Group still operates, now with publications for all ages. God’s WORLD News offers three editions for kids (God’s Big WORLD, WORLDkids, and WORLDteen), alongside the WORLD Watch video program for older teens, WORLD Magazine for adults, a variety of podcasts, and an internet presence for all publications. The corporation today even has its own journalists training arm, WORLD Journalism Institute.

Over the last four decades, God has blessed this Christian news media organization with purpose, growth, and impact. Hundreds of thousands of children in Christian homes, homeschools, and Christian schools have read about the biggest events—now in our history—from the perspective of devoted Christian journalists who strive to deliver facts faithfully, reporting from a position of trust in Christ and determination to tell His story in the world honestly.

We hope you’ll celebrate God’s work with us as you browse this selection of major headlines from God’s WORLD News over the last four decades. When earth-shaking stories erupted, we were there: helping parents, teachers, and children increase in knowledge while never losing hope in the one who holds the whole WORLD in His hands

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